How to Design Clothing Online for Free?

Lately the fashion industry has been growing to a great extent; young teenagers are developing great interest in the fashion industry and want to design various kinds of clothing. People who take a deep interest in the fashion industry may not always like the clothing available in the market and thus making them want to design their own clothing. Thus the following are websites where people who are interested in this field can easily design the clothing that they like.

  1. FashionPlaytes

FashionPlaytes is a great online platform, especially for girls who like to design clothes. On this website girls can design clothes such as t-shirts and shorts as well as being able to design bags and a lot more. The website provides simple instructions to easily design the clothing. You can easily visit the website, and choose the cloth to design. Moreover you will find additional features such as adding color, labels and designs to the clothing. You can instantly save the design onto your account and make the designer clothing available to be purchased at the same time.


This website is a great platform where you can design clothes for men, women and children. You can design different types of clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, sweaters etc. You can easily design your clothing in four simple steps; base, color, fabric and patches. Once all four steps have been completed you can see the price attached to your design and it can be purchased from the website.

  1. is another online clothing design website which is free to its users. You can simply visit this website and begin to design your favorite clothes. These clothes can be designed for men, women and children of all ages. Choose what you want to design and how you want to design it. Even people who are beginners can easily use this website as a lot of complex skill is not needed. Once you have completed the design the price of the clothing will be shown and it will be up for purchase.


This website is another free platform for people of all ages to design the clothes they love to wear. Once they have designed their clothes they can make purchase the designs on the website. You can design clothes for people of all ages and both for women as well as men. You can customize your cloth to your preference and can use between two options which are HTML and flash.